This isn't Friday

"Friday" by Rebecca Black is known as the worst song/music video/youtube video ever made. Yet, this song continues to reappear at odd intervals.
While in Ohio for my oldest niece's high school graduation, the commencement student speaker ended his spech with lyrics from the song, "Cause it's Friday, gotta get down on Friday".  It really was Friday, but it was a formal education commencement speech. Kids these days...
This morning Dave and I were taking a walk around West Valley Recreational Center with a lovely view of carnies (setting up for the city carnival this weekend) and the recreational center's outdoor swimming area.  The swimming area had music. While walking around a particularly lovely tree area, "Party Party Fun Fun" cut into both our walk and conversation. The song was playing for the intercom at the rec center.
For the record, this isn't an actual published song; she doesn't have an agent and she doesn't have a recording contract. Also...it is not Friday. I suppose to Rebecca Black, it's always Friday.


Only in Ohio

My oldest niece graduated from high school this last week. Dave and I flew out to show our love and introduce Dave to the family..... perhaps the state of Ohio. Each time I have stayed in Ohio, amusing true stories find their way to me. Like this one:
Our first night, while channel flipping we graced the news. This story was up about an abduction and a sketch of the suspect. Only in Ohio would this sketch appear. Clearly he is wearing his teeth this time around.
So if your in the Cincinnati, Ohio part watch out for this man, wearing a fishing hat, a lazy eye(s) and buck teeth (probably fake).