I'll Take the Attitude

A fairly old picture of Russell and I
Let me introduce you to my attitude filled nephew Russell. He's around four years old and has quite the personality and sometimes more attitude than a teenage girl.
I don't even need to see him to know it.  I called my sister recently and while we were talking he wanted to talk to me, his lovely Aunt Michelle.
Before getting on the phone he asks my sister, "Hey, mom, is she coming to your birthday tomorrow?"
My sister explained very simply, "No, she lives too far away."
"You know, she COULD get on a plane."
I'm getting flack from a four year old. Love him.


Parental Tsunami

1946 Hawaii tsunami

My sister was the first to inform me via a text message of this so called "tsunami" that was to hit Hawaii.  I laughed it off because they always get tsunamis and crazy weather there.
Before my parents left for their 40th anniversary to Oahu, Hawaii; we joked about the volcano on Hawaii island.  Then I saw pictures of Japan and threats of it hitting California.  My lovely parents are ridiculous. This is me laughing at them in a sarcastic bitter tone.  No one in the family has heard a peep from them (no email, no phonecall no tragic call of missing persons).  I know they didn't bring their cell phone because they were thinking with their wallets. I can still recall the conversation the night before they left. My fathe was suggesting to take the cell phone and my mom's exact phrase was, "Richard, it costs so much to make a call from Hawaii. We better just leave it here." 
If I was in their shoes and didn't call, email or anything. I would get the crap knocked out of me.  This "tsunami" made national headlines this morning and if my parents had any good common sense, they would have called someone to say it was no big deal.
I found it was "no big deal" the old fashioned way, "Google News". Google News was kind enough to have the time and the wherewithall to provide me the necessary details; aka "only wet roads and minimal damage".  It would have been nice to know from their words. Thanks, Mom and Dad. Next time if you call me frantic when I'm late for dinner, I'm so not answering the phone.


Sue Sylvester

 Confession: I love Glee. I love the mixture of song, drama and especially comedy.  Comedy that ensues occasionally by the students but constantly from my favorite villain: Sue Sylvester.

She glares with blue stone eyes at Will and purses her lips. She throws the best tantrums and insults. Her sarcasm is so thick that I couldn't cut through it with a hack-saw.

 Today at work, I was lucky. Most of my work was done for me, so I spent the day watching Glee and loving Sue's quotes. Here's one of my faves:

"You'll be adding revenge to the long list of things you're no good at, right next to being married, running a high school glee club and finding a hairstyle that doesn't look like a lesbian."


Waking Fuzzy

As usual, I can feel the cold seeping into the room from the small ventilation holes in the floor.  I still don't completely understand why it's necessary to keep all the equipment in this room at four degrees Fahrenheit.  I understand keeping all of the computers, servers and equipment from overheating is important; but four degrees? Okay, so it's not that cold. Maybe it just feels that cold at seven in the morning.
I can't remember the last time I got up before nine in the morning during a workday.  Especially on a turnaround, which means I worked until eleven last night. While going to school, I used to get up at six all the time.  How did I do that?! Maybe I'm just getting old.
To say this morning is rough is a huge understatement.  I have been fighting off a massive cold and some extra health shenanigans. 
I feel fuzzy, like my whole body has fuzzed into my surroundings.  My head weighs a ton from congestion and my belly feels like I've chowed a literal ton of food, though I've only had my usual cereal. This is likely going to continue soon in the next few months (and not by choice, like this time). It's going to be a very long day.