Twenty Fourteen

20 days into January and I finally get around to starting this blog post that will likely take me two weeks to actually complete.
Since I started tracking my years in this blog; the hard, the good, everything. It seems to be getting better each year and like previous years I'm really excited for 2014. 

1. Money Money Money: No, I'm not hitting the jackpot and our family income is not going to grow substantially.  I'm excited because we will finally pay off some big bills this year; likely the rest of Cami's birth (thanks to a week-long bed rest stay at the hospital), orthodontics and perhaps my student loans. 
Right after we got married, Dave and I haven't had an easy financial time and we've really worked our butts off to get to this point and I'm so excited for some breathing room. Quick, knock on wood. I don't want to curse myself with more debt.

2.Smiling: By summer, you don't get to call me "Brace Face" anymore. I get all of that metal crap out of my mouth this spring.  I'm so excited to have a good smile. I've never been complimented on my smile and I'm pretty used to people staring at my mouth since middle school. It will be so awesome for people not to be thinking how awful it looks or questioning my age.  
It will be worth the hours of flossing each individual tooth, incessant brushing and avoiding the foods I love.
First food on the list right out of the office is a giant Milky Way candy bar and a bite out of an apple. I daydream about this day a lot. The original estimate was March, but I've been trying to tell myself May so that if it gets pushed out, my heart will remain in tact.

3.San Diego:  We have tentative plans to visit Dave's brother, Richard & family in San Diego this summer. I'm really excited to take Cami to the San Diego Zoo and Sea World. 
She loves the Hogle Zoo and I just know her brain will explode with the scale of San Diego.
It will be nice to visit family too. Richard, Jessica and cute Madison are a perfect fit to be with. They are extremely active and we're hoping to run a half marathon with them while we are there. 

4. Year of the Book: I'm really committed to literature this year.  I spent a lot of years just doing whatever comes my way, but this year I'm for real about completing my Goodreads book goal (It's only 20 books, that's not bad) and doing some major writing on the "epic" novel I've been writing for like five years. I hope to finish it before I turn 30. Is that goal too lofty? Maybe by 40. Maybe by the time Cami graduates.

5. Running: Running is the ultimate drug for me. After giving birth, there's a lot of peace in running, even if she's whining in the stroller.
Last year I ran my first half and I'm planning a second.
I joined the "Walk/Run Club" or something at the Olympic Oval. It's only $25 a year and I can go whenever I want and push Cami. For the longer runs, I may take her to the rec center daycare.
I want to keep up with this. When I turn 30 or 40 I plan on doing a marathon, but I can't imagine that time commitment while juggling a two-year-old.

6. Mom's Wedding Part 2: My mom's doing the marriage thing again this year.
We've all known Jim for a while. Jim's family and my family lived in the same neighborhood more than 15 years ago.
My parents used to go on double dates with Jim and his wife. My dad and his wife passed away and the reintroduced themselves.
It's crazy how things line up like that.
So in a little over a week, my mom will be married again. I'm so happy for her. She deserves to be happy.

7. Sprinklers: Moving into a used house was a good decision, but our house was well-loved in some ways.
The sprinklers broke in less than a year and we found that the people who owned the house before us used copper pipes, which is both crazy expensive and awful because they wear out more quickly than PVC pipe.
Without a sprinkling system, watering our smallish yard takes around two hour. That's not exactly how I want to spend my time during the summer....AGAIN.

8. Camikins: Our cute, little girl will be three by this time next year. She's so smart already and it's hard to picture what she will be like next year.
We'll be inching her into a "big kid bed". I try to picture a bed in place of her crib and it freaks me out. I'm so nervous about this year. What if she gets up early and wakes us up all the time because she has nothing to cage her in during the morning.
Then there is potty training. A whole different animal and as a working mom, I have no idea how I'm going to tackle that beast. Cami is such a creature of habit too, teaching her new habits like sleeping in a bed and potty training.
Lots of big stuff this year for my little girl. I've been thinking about introducing tumbling or something too. She's such a rowdy girl, I think she will love rolling around and such.

9. Macie: This one is hot off the cell phone. Dave's sister just had her little baby girl: Macie Loa. She's so beautiful and I'm so excited to have her in my basement (in a non-creepy way).
There are a few other babies this year, but none that will be so close. Babies!

10. Verizon: I like making predictions in my blog. Some I'm right and some I'm wrong.
Dave's worked really hard at Verizon Wireless for more than three years and he's been passed over for promotions and recognition.
I think he'll finally nail a promotion.
Last night he told me that if he didn't get the promotion this year, he would see it as a sign that it wasn't the right time for our family.
His shift would be really hard on our family. I wouldn't see him; I would go to bed before he got home and leave before he got up. It would be really hard on our relationship, but my husband deserves to feel successful. I always see him as successful but I know that a promition would make him feel that way.

Well, I made it to ten this year. Ten things that this year will bring to my family this year. Some big moments and some scary moments are ahead. I'm really excited.


2013 List

2013 was predictable. At the beginning of 2013 I made a lot of hopes and guesses for what the year would bring for my family. I was pleasantly surprised.
Like every year, there were things on that list that didn't happen the way I hope; but there were some things that worked out far better than I imagined.
1. New Job: I knew I wasn't supposed to stay at KSL this year. I made a goal last year to be done by April 2013. It took longer than I anticipated.; but I finally left the television business after 2 1/2 years working in Master Control for KSL.
My search led me to Myriad Genetic Laboratories, in a Patient Service Coordinator position. I make a difference everyday by coordinating insurance companies, doctors and patients with the hereditary cancer testing they need.  It's been such a life changing decision and it has changed me a lot. Not only do I spend my work day on the phone with India, I work a morning schedule of 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. with weekends and holidays off.  For the first since I was in high school, I didn't have to work Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve. Myriad is also an incredible great company to work for and I'm glad that I don't have to worry about getting laid off this year. For once, I feel pretty stable in my career and that's a feeling that can not be matched in today's economy.

Sliding in weather slightly above freezing.

2. Cami: I could write about these changes forever.  2013 brought a new child. She picked up walking kind of slow, but when she had it, she ran with it (literally). After Cami mastered running, she picked up words pretty quick. Her first word was "Daddy" (big surprise there) and "E I E I O" from her Baby Einstein videos.  She used to say the words to the song whenever she felt some sort of emotion. While brushing her extremely thick, knotty hair she would cry very pitifully, sobbing "E I E I O".  In the last two months she started to put together short sentences and telling us what she wants.  She walks independently and holds hands so we don't have to carry her into the store or wherever we go.  That is life changing! No more carrying 45 pounds around with me when I have to go somewhere makes errand seem almost bearable.  Cami seems like a real child now and not just a screaming baby.  She has her difficult days and she would watch "bee bee" all day if we let her.
In 2013 I grew to love her as a mother. It may not have happened the first day my eyes so her chubby cheeks and thick hair. I may not have swooned at her cuddling with me to feed as a baby, but love finds a way.

3. Running: This was an unexpected joy in 2013. After doing the Insanity workout program twice, I needed to switch up my workouts. It was getting so hard to do it and such a drag! So I looked up some running programs to switch it up.  Early in the summer, Cami and I took some long runs to pass the time before work. It was a hot summer, but by the end of July, I ran my first half-marathon.  I ran the South Jordan City half-marathon. It is a wimpy race with no more than like 200 people.  I ran by myself most of the time and despite the hills, I set a personal record. It was amazing to cross the finish line and feel that if I could run a half-marathon, I could accomplish anything.  It was so much fun and I can't wait to do it again in 2014.

Great Grandma Oberg and Cami
4. Reno: The quick trip to Reno happened at the end of September. It was a long drive and a lot of Dave's dad, which can wear on anyone after a while (he's a little pessimistic, okay, maybe a lot sometimes).  We watched a lot of Elmo on the drive and there wasn't much of a nap or sleeping during our stay. Even though it was hard, Dave's grandma loved meeting Cami.
In fact, two weeks after our trek to Reno. They decided to move into an asissted living facility in Utah.  It's wonderful to see them for holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. At Christmas this year, Cami went up to her great grandma to play with her. Seeing a great grandmother in action is like seeing a unicorn for me. It's cheery and joyful.

Bear Lake
5. Vacations: We took a few family vacations this year. With my family we went to Bear Lake and stayed in a condo.  The two hour drive was hellacious, Cami screamed and cried the whole time. The trip was a little hard at times, but Cami loved spending time with her cousins and playing in the lake.
With Dave's family, we spent a weekend in August up at the family cabin.  This was a lot harder. Cami did little sleeping, but we stuck it out.  She really loves the outdoors and if she would have slept, our trip would have been perfect.

Brad & Jaycie
6. Roommates: We also gained roommates and a lot faster than intended.
It started with Brad and Jaycie. Brad is Dave's best friend from his childhood. He and his wife moved to South Carolina at the beginning of the year and Dave pressured them to move to Utah. Brad hated his job in South Caroline and Jaycie was super homesick so he got a job with Dave and moved across the country. We made a deal that they would always have a place with us if they wanted and they did in August.
Heather and Josh, Dave's sister and husband, found out they were pregnant at the beginning of the year and decided they needed to move somewhere a little less expensive then their basement apartment.  They were planning on living with her sister and husband in Eagle Mountain but were still hoping to find something closer.  We offered our basement and they moved in a few days before Brad and Jaycie.
We never anticipated having two extra couples in our basement and there have been some challenges, but like a weird family, we make it work.
My favorite part of this was the relationships I gained:  A greater relationship with my sister-in-law and the new baby she will bring to our house next year; and a best friend in Jaycie.
Having her in the house with my after work has been so much fun. A few weeks after they moved in, I helped get her a job with me. We eat lunch together and we hang out after work. Good chick friends are priceless!  She isn't dramatic, isn't judgmental and she's totally chill and I love her! It's been a long time since I had a really good friend outside of Dave. Doubling with Brad and Jaycie have been really fun. I'm going to miss them when they move out this month.

Not mine
7. Pregnancy: Not mine!  Lots of family members announced they were having a baby this year. Dave's sister, Heather and her husband, Josh, announced in the spring that they were due in January. At the end of this month Cami will have a baby cousin downstairs, named Macie.
Dave's brother, Jeff, and his wife announced in October that they were expected a girl, Evelyn, in April.
At first all of the pregnancies were hard. I knew that our little family was not complete and we will have another child eventually, but pregnancy was hard for me due to the blood  clot and the expensive medication (hell, we're still paying that off).  Cami was also a super hard baby and the thought of another screaming baby isn't something I'm eager to start again.  Then everything changed, I get a baby downstairs that I can hold and cuddle whenever I want and when she starts crying I can go back upstairs. We're not ready right now and that's okay. With our second and final child, we'll be more ready than we were for Cami.

Melissa and Angel
8. Engagements: My niece, Melissa, and her boyfriend got engaged. They are getting married in September.
This year my mom also found someone, an old friend named Jim Powell. They connected shortly after his wife passed away and they grieved for their spouses together and found love.  It's so nice to see my mom happy again.  After my dad passed away she had a really hard time and was super lonely. I'm happy she found someone so quickly. Jim is nothing like my dad, but he is a good man and he loves my mom.  He also has a super cute little dog that Cami loves sometimes and also makes her nervous.

Eight things. Eight fantastic things that 2013 brought. It hasn't been a walk in the park, but 2013 was pretty great. Here's a to good year and may 2014 bring the same joy and excitement that I felt this year.