Wrestling the Family Picture Bull

Last week we finally got around to family pictures.  Nearly two years after our last picture. Cami has burst from constantly crying baby to very independent toddler and it was time to have some memories of this period and all of her glorious Shirley Temple locks.
I knew it would be hard. Toddlers can be very hard, but Cam is generally a pretty good kid-she's pretty content and offers smiles to almost anyone.
No one told me that pictures would turn into a Running of the Bulls experience. I felt as though I were tackling a two year old and attempting to tickle a smile out. My sister-in-law took the pictures, thankfully she has more patience than any of us did that day.  She took almost 500 pictures.
More than 400 featured numbers like this:

Note the unhappy look and pulling at my head in pure disgust. Dave and I have forced smiles and tried our best to make it work out.
We did manage a few really great shots and I admit in every shot thinking, "Braces were one of the best decisions of my adult life".
The whole fam with smiles

Cami in her full beauty.