Letter to the Workers in Orange

Dear Construction Workers,
I saw you today too many times. I don't think your presence is coincidence. This morning you blocked my way to my internship at the station in West Valley. I saw your cars later parked at the school, taking all of the parking spots. It forced me to park across campus from my class and trudge nearly 15 minutes to class. To top it off, you decided to replace some water lines at the Communications Building-no water or restroom. You've also been replacing the main fan for many of the classrooms for several days. Class is hardly bearable as it is-now in a hundred degree heat, I curse your name while my eyes droop and sweat gathers on my brow.
You're following me. It's on the verge of becoming a stalking situation. As much as I enjoy your fluorescent orange jackets, tan utility boots and ripped jeans-I broke up with you when I left BYU-Idaho for a reason. You followed me to Utah.
The breakup must have been hard, because you are not the same anymore. This hatred you have for me has ruined my commute, classes, climate and my comfort. I have to put my foot down at some point.
I may have to take action soon. I don't want to bring in my heavy glares or swearing under my breath, I need some space.



BYU-Idaho Police Scene Notes

So I have been going through all of my stuff, cleaning and organizing this week. I rediscovered the magical police trackings from my time at BYU-Idaho. I kept the best ones and I long to toss them in the garbage...so I will record them here for your enjoyment. I don't have dates..I apologize, but they are legit. I will asterisk my favorites from each one.
#1 Police Scene
-23 year old male cited for disturbing the peace-barking dog
*Subject shot below eye with Airsoft gun
-Complaint of weird smell in Tuscany apartment
-Complaint of counterfeit $20 bill
-Two 16 year old males cited for drag racing
-Complaint of two motorcyclists on skate park
-Fight on school district bus
-Complaint of small children beating a dog
*Complaint of small children playing by the canal
-Complaint of children throwing rocks at ducks at Nature Park

#2 Police Scene
-Peeping Tom arrested and imprisoned
-Fraud/theft-use of credit card
-Complaint of missing A.T.V.-found
-Thief jailed for stealing a case of soda from Broulim's
-Complaint of disturbing the peace at Porter Park-74 year old female confronted junior high class on field trip
-Complaint of fire-controlled burn
-Various complaints of suspicious persons/vehicles
-Complaint of child left in vehicle
*Female student charged with filing a false police report on an assault and battery at Legacy Ridge, claiming to have been hit in the "snozzle"
-Verbal disagreement at Madison High School
-Open door at BYU-Idaho Alumni Building
-Child endangerment seized and turned over to Health and Welfare
-52 year old male jailed for disturbing the peace and resisting arrest
*Two 15 year old boys' curfew violation
-False alarms (3)
-Complaint of fake $100 bill-bill checked and ok
-Complaint of doorbell rings
-Complaint of small fire-trash pile on University Ave.
-Complaint of vehicles being egged
-Suspicious vehicle/people at Porter Park
-Noise Complaint
-Complaint of vehicle battery being thrown against building-scars
*Male arrested for walking down Main Street and yelling at officer
-Male arrested for 2005 warrant out of Sandpoint, Idaho

#3 Police Scene
-Complaint of pornographic material taped inside bathrooms at Nature Park
-Possession of methamphetamine
*Complaint of people disregarding coned-off areas on streets
-Possession of marijuana
-Complaint of juvenile party with alcohol-four cited for consumption of alcohol
-Complaint of a bell ringer
-Domestic battery-18 year old female cited
-Disturbing the peace-kids swearing, honking and throwing eggs
-Fire-call- gas leak on the temple construction site
*Fire call-burnt rice at New Fong's set off fire alarm
-Found item-trombone found at Smith Park
-Complaint of vehicle damage incurred by hitting a pothole
-Discharging Air Soft pistol in the city
*Duck harassment-Nature Park

#4 Police Scene
-22 year old man arrested for procuring alcohol to a minor
-complaint of kids skateboarding in road
-complaint of scared raccoon on basketball hoop
-complaint of subject ringing doorbells
-complaint of marijuana odor coming from The Legacy Ridge Apartments
-complaint of gas theft
-armed robbery on Main Street

BYU-Idaho is a special place.


Facebook Album- the story from an addict

I just spent my last hour looking at mutual friend's photo albums. That's right, they are not even my friend's albums, they are my friend's friend's albums. I look at every single picture. It doesn't matter if it's a picture of a dead beetle or a gorgeous supermodel, I have to see them. What is it that draws me to them and makes me scan every single picture? I should take more pictures..maybe my own pictures can balance out the need to view other people's photographs. Man, I'm weird.



My sweet video on cougars and the University of Utah. You will laugh. I promise.


I need Spring Break

I wear chaos on my sleeve today. Last night at three, I woke up after dreaming about law cases and couldn't sleep because I was worried I was going to forget them for a test I didn't have.  I dropped my hair straightener on my wrist for a new embossed bracelet I call "3rd degree burn". I hurried to class to be filmed live for an introduction to last week's story on campus cougars.  After listening to law cases float around my head and Then also spent two hours filming for a project that I will spend another two hours editing-the result? A 1 minute 30 second boring segment on gardening for the university's news program that no one watches. It makes me laugh that there is so much craziness right now, craziness linked to the end of my college career.  I need a massage. No-- more than that, I need Spring Break. Two days, my love, two days.


Farewell Tommy Tool

I have one constant tradition with my new roommate, Trash TV time. Every Sunday we watch "dramatic reality TV shows" like Daisy of Love, Frank the Entertainer and Tool Academy.  Elimination happens in nearly all of these shows. Tool Academy is easily my favorite. I adore seeing "tools" acting in their natural habitat and seeing their idiot girlfriend drama. 
Last night, we bid farewell to my favorite tool: "Loony Tool" aka Tommy.  The drunk boy hasn't been sober first episode. Like the other tools, he has been cheating on his girlfriend...and it was revealed that he has been seeing someone else consistently along with his girlfriend. He left yesterday after a private therapy session disclosing this other woman and his AA meetings. I'm going to miss Loony Tool. He offered hilarity among the extremely dramatic, violent atmosphere.  When anything startling was said or revealed his perfect "o" shaped mouth always provided me with a laugh. 
Goodbye Tommy, you were a pleasure to view every Sunday.


Fox Point....

 Cute white fences, big trees and a duck pond.  I smell free advertising.
Yesterday Melanie and I invested a small fee ($100) for our future. :) Fox Point at Old Farm in Salt Lake City. I didn't think we would actually find one yesterday. It was freezing and snow covered everything.  I wonder if the biggest selling point was the year round hot tub.  Literally we got a fantastic deal and I want to give a shout out to the agents, Raquel and Jarom.  Raquel showed us the place and when we came back 21 year old Jarom helped us with the paperwork.  (That's right, the boy was younger than me and was selling me my future home). I'm super excited though. The place is closer to school, work and my future employment. 
I've been waiting for this opportunity for over a year.  
I moved back home to the parentals February 2009.  There's nothing wrong with living with my parents, but since I graduated from high school I haven't lived here longer than three months.  So these 13 months have been really, really long.  There is an end in sight. April 10th is that end, moving day. So recruitment day is nearly upon me. I need a few strapping young men/women and trucks to lend their skills on that day to make my dream come true.
These are some pics of our building and cute pond. The ducks are a little too friendly. I feel like we might of a reenactment of the birds...I chased them a bit, I bet they end up chasing me at my door or something later. I have a feeling I will be driving past them a lot in the next three weeks.  You can check out their website here.


Background Checks

Woo, it's been a while. I am 100% sure my teachers decided to destroy me this week. As you can see, I made it!
Earlier this week, I participated in my first government background. May-August I will be one of the thousands (if not millions) of people working for the Census and the government wants some deep background stuff.  It was definitely an experience.
My arrival was not anticipated and I hopped in line behind at least 20 people piled in the Human Resources hall. These people were some of the most interesting people I have ever seen. The job is run through Convergys. I guess I should have expected the weirdos. There was this one guy who struck my interest though.
He was doing fingerprinting and the taking pictures for badges.
Alex had a lot going for him. He stood about 6'2"with really dark hair and blue eyes. He poked his head out and said my name. Score! 
The conversation was hilarious. We spoke about firearms, his dreams of entering the FBI and lighting hand sanitizer on fire. He even flattered me, which is so rare. I giggled like a teenage girl.
He teaches a concealed firearms course on the side and was determined to convince me to take the class. Apparently, as a six foot tall 180 lb woman, I am still highly at risk. (*I'm rolling my eyes now*). He sad he believed that all women should take a firearms course or self defense course, especially really pretty girls and he lowered his eyes. 
We then talked guns..which I don't do well. I enjoy a good shooting experience, but I don't know names and such, so I mostly just listened. Next he provided instructions for entertaining myself at work: first, hand sanitizer in a line, light it on fire-it creates a small blue flame and after it burns up you can just wipe it off the desk.
Guns and fires...all for my background check. Thanks, Alex, for the entertainment. I can't wait to work here. lol.


True Love.....my review

Thank you, Rob. Book reviews; who knew I would end up doing one for my least favorite subject of all time: love. In case none of you go to my internship blog. I wanted to share my book review with you because I promise you will laugh.
Self help and true stories are typical of Chicken Soup for the Soul. I expected nothing less from one of their latest installments: Chicken Soup for the Soul-True Love.
   I am not a romantic in any shape or form of the word, unless you count my undying love for club hip hop, white chocolate Reese's and horror movies.  I shun chick flicks and roll my eyes when I hear cheesy lines. Honestly, the only thing that appealed to me about the book was the photography work on the front.
   I am one of those people that judge a book by its cover, so I gave the book a good fighting chance. In the end, my judgment paid off.
   The book didn't change my tomboy ways and I didn't spring to the nearest theater to see a romance movie; but I did learn more than I anticipated about "true love" and myself. Kristi Yamaguchi who helped write the Foreward says, "There is something for everyone, in this wonderful book of stories."  She knows what she's talking about.  Although a few stories were extra cheesy, many stories shared more than the romantic side of relationships.
   My favorite example is the story by Harriet Cooper, "Dating at the Speed of Light". I can actually relate to her thought process. The author introduces the idea of speed dating and her decision whether or not to go. She proceeds to introduce her cat and makes a surprising choice. 
   Chicken Soup for the Soul-True Love builds a relationship verbally from the bottom up, starting with "How We Met" and ending with a section titled, "Love Everlasting". 
   By the end of the book, I have learned how to fully appreciate and express my love to my loves. To me, love is all about appreciation and working with what you have, which is the joy in a good white chocolate Reese's peanut butter cup. Thank you, Chicken Soup, for renewing my capabilities to love.


My sweet video!

That's right faithful readers, I finally used my genius to upload the video for my Spring Break news report. It's not high quality, remember this is only report number two! I am proud though!


High School Transcript

I only check my university e-mail once a week and today was the day.  While flipping through, I was surprised that some committee is reviewing my eligibility for some grant and they requested a high school transcript.
I can't help it. The flashback couldn't be suppressed as easily as my middle school flashbacks *shudder*.
So after my movie-like glazed look came over my eyes, the present world shimmered to high school.  Silly memories came to mind, riding the school bus in the dark and walking in the dimly lit halls my ultra thin locker at the end of the hall. Sitting down in the halls between classes, listening to the "punk" stereotypes playing their guitars underneath the stairs.
Things were so different back then! I miss the lunches....my favorite burrito combo (burrito, fries and fry sauce-Pretty sure heaven tasted like fries dipped once in the burrito and then the fry sauce).  I even miss certain semesters, like my junior year and barely passing Chemistry because David Slothower, who had my undivided attention with bright eyes, dreadlocks and jokes.
My transcript request reminded me more of the good times than my grades.  I'm sure I can call them and request it, but part of me wants to walk those halls again. The dust will probably smell the same and I bet the lockers still feel like they were dipped in salt water.  The counselors and administrators will still stand too tall, glaring around the halls for stupid kids. I wouldn't mind seeing all that again...just for a laugh


The Fantastic Fair!

I could almost make this a photo-documentary. It was so great! Greatest stories ever!
My biggest highlight was BATMAN, flown in from California and real armor/chain mail! It was pretty epic. I got to meet Batman. It was the greatest. I stood by, watching kids pose for pictures and as he was leaving he stood very close to me with his hand outstretched, "Excuse me, what's your name?" I felt like a stupid middle school girl, giggled, "Michelle."  I expected him to say his real name and where he was staying, but instead he leaned close to my face and said, "I'm Batman" in his hot "batman voice". lol. Wow. .epic...

Another favorite is my encounter with the Bikers Against Child Abuse. I got a sweet B.A.C.A. tattoo and two killer pictures with them:
This is our "Family Portrait", these guys were great!
It was supposed to be "angry face" but I'm the only one who looks mad. lol.

Some other highlights feature a 15 foot snake and a random guy dressed up like a banana. Yay for kid's fair!


Romancing California Beaches (California #2)

I don't think I even need to write anything. Monday's are nasty.   These days I have been distracted and I really want to run away again. Spring Break is only two weeks away. I wish I could afford another magical adventure. Sugar Daddy anyone?
There was a specific purpose for the beach trip on  President's Day weekend: footage for pre-coverage of  Spring Break for my newscast.
Appropriately, this picture was taken Valentine's Day. I am in love with sunshine. I totally understand why it would escape Utah deserts for the velvet beaches of California. I could really go for a beach right now.
Squishy sand beneath me as the waves blanket the coast, how could you be sad?  I remember V-Day and how delighted everyone was.
One of the shots of the ocean features an preteen looking fellow, waddle-hopping into the hands of the waves, coordinating his movies in a mock performance. I would like to flirt with the tide a little, tease the edges of salt water.  Dance with the waves under the sun's pride. Kiss the flashing splashes. Romancing a beach is definitely better than fighting the cold punches.