Half a Face

I don't make this stuff up.
Today I replaced three old filings that were covering up problem spots that were turning into cavities.
My wonderful dentist, Dr Staley, was midway through the second shot of anesthesia when a song comes playing through the office speakers, "I Can't Feel My Face When I'm With You".
If my life had a soundtrack, no song was more perfectly matched to events ever.
I've attached a picture of my half smile, courtesy of like six shots of anesthesia.

Guess what? I don't love it.


Loafers and cardigans

I remember my childhood fondly. It was highlighted by fantastic public broadcast network television.
Those educational shows were my jams.
I grew up among the company of statement pattern sweaters with books and guided through the Land of Make Believe with Mister Rogers.
Today my life has come full circle.
I showed Cami the wonderful world of 1980's television, specifically Mister Rogers Neighborhood. I didn't expect her to watch more than five minutes. A skinny, old man singing cheesy songs did not sound like it would entertain beyond my generation. She finished a full episode and then we binge watched three episodes.
I love the hope and joy he brings to each episode, while pointing out that everyone is special.