A Churro Tale

After work, I often think of foods that I want to end my day with.  Last night my mind drifted to a strange place of horchata and churros.  The more I thought about the water-like, cinnamon rice milk and cinnamon covered pastry; the more I needed some.  By the time I arrived at Dave's apartment, I had to have a churro or my world would be like Eeyore's world...sad and gray with heavy rain.
It was almost 10:00 p.m. and I felt sure that Beto's/Rancherito's would help solve this need inside of me. The need that had to be filled. No churros there but delicious horchata all around. Step one: horchata....CHECK.
Next on the line of fast food on 5600 S., Taco Bell. I knew it was a long shot, but Dave explained they had cinnamon twists which could be close to the flavor if all else failed.  The woman in drive-thru was super generous and offered the 89 cent treat to us for free.  After eating one...I was disappointed in the chip-like barely cinnamon taste.
I wanted to give up.  I had one win with the horchata but maybe I wasn't meant to have this churro that would surely change my life. We started towards Dave's apartment and I turned back on a whim to Del Taco.
Del Taco, the most unlikely prince in this tale provided me with the most amazing churros. Easily one of the best I have ever had in my life.  Who knew that the lower scale fast food, Del Taco, would come through when all other places (literally) failed me. :) Thanks, Del Taco, for completing me.


Best Day Ever

Do you know what that is? A ring! So Monday, April 25 was a big day as I already described. This was another super awesome reason.
The story is more detail than you probably want:
After a super long (and awesome) day, I wanted to give Dave his birthday presents early because I was super excited because I did so well.  (I got him a cheesy pic & frame of us as well as "The Wire: Complete Series) Since I have to work on his birthday and I wasn't going to be able to spend the whole day, I thought it would be awesome to give them to him early.
He opened the picture and frame first. It was a positive reaction, win.  Then dinner/"Indian food" hated me and I went and puked my guts out.  My reaction to puking is crying. Awesome...and I cleaned up after myself....and his bathroom.
I came back out and after a cracker to chase the vomit from my mouth, I felt fine. Dave opens the last gift and hesitates..........No super excited reaction, no exclamation of my awesomeness.  Just the longest pause in the world.  Disappointment! I was so sad, I told him it wasn't a big deal and I knew he wanted The Sopranos more...I should have thought things through.  Then came the unexpected, "Michelle, these gifts are really cool."  Wow...sounded forced...., "but the best gift would be is if you would be my wife." Then one knee and more crying...I said "of course". It was perfect....despite my vomit.

Due to circumstances, I have like seven weeks to plan this wedding. It's going to be a rush