I have this joke I tell myself whenever I pass Hollister at the mall. I can't go inside because rape happens. I mean it's the perfect place. There is minimal lighting and the smell inside is overpowering, enough to cover up the potential horrors that happen in the store.
My niece and I walked around the mall yesterday. As we passed Hollister, I turned towards her and the store to share my piece of advice, "Don't go inside, we could get raped."
As I turned, an older man sat on their couch just inside the doors by himself. It looked like he was wearing stained sweat pants and a t-shirt.  He was sitting in the dark with a plastic cup with "Coke" inside. He definitely looked "sketch".  Made me laugh...my theory has been true all along.
Piece of advice: Avoid Hollister=stay rape free.

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