My brother is like Lazarus (dream)

I had a most interesting dream last night. Before I launch into the magical, horrific details; I need to tell you a true fact.  I have a brother who was born two years before me.  He died after two weeks due to a missing chamber in his heart (or something like that); he is a star role in this dream. The part that absolutely shocks me.
The scene takes place at my old house in Sandy. My parents and I are trying to take care of a three dead bodies (plastic or real, I'm not sure).  My basement is bare, all the walls and insulation are missing and the the bodies are in random places around. It was really gross or scary like it sounds. I felt annoyed to carry them with my dad because I was so tired.  My friend, Aaron, was there and instead of making me feel better or helping me carry it. He just stares at the bodies and sobs uncontrollably. (Thanks, Aaron).
Finally, it's over. My parents and I are upstairs lounging after such a strenuous time.  I'm sitting in one corner of the couch and my mom in the other. Aaron is gone and my dad is sitting in the rocking chair.  He looks over at me and says, "Michelle, your brother is coming up."  I knew that my brother, Brent, was supposed to have a room downstairs and in my mind's eye (in the dream) I could see the room with all of the stuff that should have been his.  The floor was kind of glowy in his room and started raising in the air. 
The couch and rocking chair face the stairs and I see Brent walking up the stairs, covered in a brown/black mixed blanket. It wasn't creepy, I was excited to see him.  At the top of the stairs, he takes off the blanket and walks over.  Brent stands in the middle of the room, tall with darkish hair like Derrick and Mark, looking at me with dark green eyes.  He smiles and sits down between my mom and me.  He sits there next to me and instead of talking with all of us, he looks at me, "Michelle, I have something to tell you."  I could see his excitement and joy in his wide open smile, showing his teeth, long and nearly perfect, with two teeth slanting slightly to the left side of his face. He put his left hand on my folded knee and looks deep in my eyes and I wake up. It is so annoying to wake up at such pivotal moments in a dream.  It felt so incredibly real and he looked like he could be my brother. So weird!


Polynesian California Girls

It's been a long time, finally I found something worthy of a good blog.
Next to my cubicle, an 8 month pregnant Ana was telling me about this great Samoan festival in West Valley last week.  In my high school, there was a large population of Samoan and Tongan students. I love the culture a lot and some of my really good friends are Samoan and Tongan.  The food is great and I admit that I find a good solid Poly pretty attractive.
So I went to the annual Samoan Flag Day Festival in West Valley with my roommate. Now, I have felt the minority before, but this time multiplied my feelings of minority to a large degree.
It seemed as though every Polynesian family in Utah traveled there on Friday night, thousands and thousands.  It was a sea of beautiful tanned arms and bright brown eyes.  My roommate is really blonde and I am whiter than a wedding dress.  We stood out so much, there was no need for a spotlight or anything to get noticed. 
The night was a talent night, featuring dancing skills to West Side Story, lovely traditional dances and I discovered my new favorite youtube feature/talent: the Rose Park Drill Team.  It was epic, I could never top the grace and beauty that these incredibly talented Tongan men had.  I want to share it with the world.  Here is the exact performance I witnessed via Youtube.