Laces Out

I love football season. As a University of Utah alumni, I follow my running Utes with a fervor and religion that none can match.  I am also Cowboy fan by default (or my roommate would like destroy me).  I also joined a league in my neighborhood that plays on Wednesdays and a bunch of friends play on Thursdays. Today I caught a good pass and ran a touchdown. I scored my first touchdown of my life. It was magical.  A few of the guys congratulated me, including the football savvy John.  So maybe I can make that my job, running touchdowns? lol. I brought a little love for my Utes up there from the game against UNLV, a fantastic run! Love my Utes!


Handle with Chopsticks

Today just got way better.

Today was pretty much garbage filled with a long checklist smelly rotting garbage. It was a day that called for more than my usual Pearl Jam station on Pandora or even a Diet Coke with Lime.  It took the lovely tastes of Sushi, specifically a Philadelphia and California roll... Woot!


and a Three hour tour

It's a day like every day. My mouth spits out a sigh while my body lunges out of bed. I don my typical business attire and glare in the mirror. I may look the part but I don't feel the part
I feel as though I have had more interviews than Barbara Walters, without any visible emotional damage. Such is the life of a new graduate. Interviews and applications squared and maybe multipled to the hundredth power.
Professional is a goal I threw out a long time ago. Interviewers don't want to hear me list everything in a perfect, precise data way.  My interviews are fun now, for an hour I feel like I connect and laugh with someone.  I know they won't call me, but that's okay for now.
Then I get home, take off the happy mask and feel exhaustion to the fullest. One can't perform like this solidly unless you really are Barbara Walters.
She gets something from her interviews, whether it's an emotional explosion from the president or a hefty check from network; her job is rewarding.
My job is interviews and I'm not getting paid with dollar signs and numbers. I'm not even getting paid in emotional trauma from the other person.
Today's interview was over 3 1/2 hours long. It's not a job I want or even think about. The hours and the position sucks, but frankly, I'm tired of worrying. I'm tired of being Barbara...


Discovery Channel's faded cami

Their camouflage glows a dull green in night vision cameras.  Different men from different states have clear eyes when they talk about the training.  Their eyes don't show any pain or fear, but vomit still sticks to their lips and their muscles shake with fatigue.  SFC. Wilson nods his square shaped nose to the pool as a fellow squad member voluntarily removes himself from the program.
The instructors show both sides to the camera. Their tattoos stick out underneath dark labeled shirts while they talk about the squad with frustration and expectation.
I'm talking military here: Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy, you know them all. My little brother joined the Marine Corp. last year and it sparked my interest in the military and the men and women behind the camouflage and straight laced uniforms. Discovery Channel opens minds to the training and the people behind the forces protecting our country. "Surviving the Cut" rocks my socks and delivers hope in the strength and power of the United States. This show made my day and will every week. Thank you military!


Two favorites to save a bad day

Although today was a pretty big drag (failing a test and still being jobless); two things saved this day from a complete loss.

#1 "Walk Away" by Ben Harper--
This song is so amazing. it puts "the happy in my ness". His voice and the lyrics match so well.

#2 Casablanca--I don't love this movie for the chick-flick factor (which I dislike very much). My favorite part about the movie is the way the music molds the movie into more than a motion picture. It molds it into such a magnificent artistic creation. The contrast in the colors and they way the mood lighting hits Ingrid Bergman displays such a magical feeling and sparks my imagination. It's like tasting a fruit for the first time. The color is nice but then bam, the taste mixes with the color in your brain.