Needles Love Me

My phlebotomist at my OBGYN is awesome. It's a good thing because I see her at least once a week these days to test my platelets and make sure my Hepbrin is therapuetic.
While she was drawing my blood, I mentioned that I never feel the needle when she draws my blood.
She responded, "It's because we sharpen the needles when you come." 
Tender right? My phlebotomist sharpens needles so that it doesn't hurt to draw my blood. Dave spoke up and asked if they use dull forks for the patients they don't like and just let the blood drip into a bowl.  Yay for sharp needles


Reading is Hard

Reading is hard for my coworkers this week. Disasters happened (on air) a few times because of their lack of reading.
In elementary school, we learned to read the whole paragraphs before answering questions on reading quizzes or you would probably get them wrong. Here are my work examples of idiocy.
1. My boss sent out an email stating that a few commercial spots listed for download would not be available and to delete them from the playlists.  Two hours later Coworker #1 responded to email stating we were still missing these commercials from the playlist.
2. A KJZZ rep contacted us via email with some commercial number replacements to change some old ones.  She highlighted in bright yellow that the spot would not actually be down until later in the afternoon. Coworker #2 comes running in asking me if we have the spot or if there was a commercial list sent.  I read the email and pointed out the highlighted section...he blamed medicinal drugs...I blame his stupidity.
3. My good friend Coworker #3 sent out a notice regarding what she named a show (because it was an extra episode) to EVERYONE in the office naming a Thursday episode as ZFRNDXPFRI to make sure it wouldn't get deleted.   My boss noticed it wasn't playing and went looking for ZFRNDSTHU.....reading entire emails is hard. So this episode ran a black screen for the first segments because someone didn't check or read when they were programming for Friday night....special.
I wonder how much it would cost to send my whole department back to first and second grade.  Basic principles would have served our station the headache and Utah the Friends episode they sought to view...at 3 a.m.


Beatles Serenade

High school was a funny time for me. I was an awkward teenager and I had no idea who I was or who I wanted to be.
Junior year was especially strenuous with all of my classes and extracurricular activities.
My Spanish II teacher, Mr. Cabanillas, made my days interesting. He had many names among my fellow classmates, the most common nickname was "Cabi".
He was one of my favorite teachers, consistently threatening (in a teasing way) to do drive-byes or make us into burritos if we didn't do our assignment. He was actually from Mexico and one day we had an entire lesson about why Mexico and Spanish was going to be part of America by 2012 or something.
My favorite memory with Cabi was the day he sang to me in the hall. With his thick spanish accent he sang "Michelle" by the Beatles. 
It wasn't the first time this song has been sung to me, but it is the first time someone sang the French inspired song to me with a Spanish accent. It was surreal.  The memory still makes me laugh.