The Resurrection

"Resurrection" has been on my mind this weekend.
Facebook is full of spiritual declarations , but that's not really my style and that's not why it's been on my mind.
Yesterday I trekked a 1.25 hour drive to Mapleton by myself for an extended family Easter egg hunt and lunch.
We used to make a similar drive when I was a kid out to Provo to see my grandparents. My brothers, sister and I would argue occasionally about who saw the crisp, white "Y"on the mountain.
Yesterday I caught sight of the letter and tried to point it out to Cami.
The drive there and back felt so lonely. Dave was working, of course. More than that, I missed my dad.
He used to play the alphabet game with us, pointing out any pizza sign or quilt shop to help us out. Or the cheesy dad jokes to make us giggle and roll our eyes.
Easter means I will see him again. "though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God"
The first time I heard that phrase in a general conference talk, I saw my dad. He sees God. One day, I will see him and God. Christ's resurrection connects me forever to my father and his father forever. Its love. It's easter.