Love From a Drunken Stranger

A Friday, July 1, the day of a magical three day weekend for many individuals. Many hours after the 2:00 p.m. leave of the company (in general). A few choice individuals, including myself, was left to pick up the pieces of system failure and loss of programming. Then I decided it was a day for Grease Burger...I mean Crown Burger.
I never tire of working downtown. The sights, the sounds, late night empty roads and strange drunken bums.
While standing at a light a man in his fifties pulls up next to me on his bicycle--that's not code for motorcycle or chopper. I'd been standing there a while, waiting for the light to change and he found it an appropriate time to comment to me, "If you stand there long enough, I'll have to flirt with you."
I laughed and hoped he would just walk away, instead he called me beautiful.  After a short conversation he says, "Stay out of trouble. I love you. I'll see you later." and proceeded to ride his bike away--in the middle of the intersection that was still moving with heavy traffic.  At least he was wearing a helmet.
Even in 90 degree weather, a bright red sunburn and a roundish belly, I still got it--a questionably intoxicated fifty year old me on bicycles will hit on me downtown and risk his life while declaring their love. Romanticism still lives on in downtown Salt Lake City--across from the Crown Burger.

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