Tight Spaces

I work downtown. I am one of the few lucky ones that have free parking underground, which is a huge lifesaver. While the snow and ice are coating cars outside, I feel glad that my car is dry and ice-free.
There is one downside--well two downsides.  Small parking spots and mean people, who park too close. 
Now, neither of these cars is mine, but this is the scenario I encounter 1/3 of the time.  I am usually the car on the right.  It was especially exciting when I was seven months pregnant, how do people expect me to get into my car...just like I did two days ago.  I crawled into my car from the passenger side door. 
It's not like there is a parking shortage, there are loads of spots.  It's pure laziness, "I don't wanna drive down a level and waste my life walking up two flights of stairs"; "I don't wanna repark this, it's good enough."  As I smacked my head on the rear-view mirror, I considered keying their cars.  It's a good thing I'm not completely heartless.

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