Day One-

So here we go with the beginnings. It's all about new beginnings these days in my life. Suddenly, I have a great deal of extra time on my hands.
Don't get me wrong, life is busy. My life exists somewhere between my classes at the University of Utah, my internship with Clear Channel Broadcasting, the daily gym obsession and finding a "career job".
With all this time I made some great starts or restarts (sometimes life really is like a video game). So I thought I would share some new or restored joys that have come to my attention.

1: Riding Trax again-That's right I use public transportation again. I get to save money and encounter trax stories that I missed so much while driving. It was my first day of the return and the metal benches with a sort of carpet cushion was good and familiar, while the people avoid eye contact and stare into the darkness of the early morning. I was fairly disappointed not to encounter anything exciting, but I know it will happen.
2: Editing- My new love is a renewed love from a previous class (Convergence in Journalism). In my Video Production class yesterday, we worked on editing video and audio formats for practice. It was so exciting to pull it all together and make it work with my awkward fake video clips (which had a strong story about zombies invading campus and people "bowling to save the world"). I love editing and I am thinking about pursuing this more heavily for my future!
3: Internship Enthusiasm- Shout out to Rob and Clear Channel Broadcasting. I told him about my company layoffs(from Wednesday) and he has totally supported me and my new time availabilities. It means I spend more time at the station helping out. I love doing ridiculous things to help marketing. My love of editing comes into play here too. Next week I hope to be getting some movie reviews about new movies coming out, editing them and throwing them up on the web. Stoked!
4:Census Contact- First job contact since the "incident". The test is February 11 and I really look forward to this job (hopefully). Part-time, good pay and perfect for my time constraints.

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