Larry Miller and Mildred

Tuesdays and Thursdays are my favorite days! They start with my internship. It was a busy day and the two-ish hours went by quickly with my task list from Rob. One task was to take the "Kosy" Box Truck to get the windshield replaced.  The poor windshield encountered a huge rock a while ago by someone else. It looked closer to a victim in a Kearns shoot-out than a promotions tool. I drove it to the Larry Miller service station. This is where I met Mildred and a very strange shuttle driver.
It was just the shuttle driver and me. I can't remember his name but it doesn't matter because I'm sure his face was more memorable.
His average clothing and plain fleece beanie fit the car service technician that I expected. He had a friendly round face with bright eyes and a nose that reminded me of my grandpa and I could picture spectacles sitting on the tip. He didn't have spectacles, but he did have a truck driver mustache that trailed the sides of his face. The mustache was red and getting a little long, curling out to the sides like Wolverine's hair part.
It was a short drive and he explained to me that we were riding in Mildred. The Larry Miller Shuttle Van with decals for the dealership covering it was named Mildred. Apparently the shuttle van has a more vast story than I do.
He proceeded to tell me the transmission jolts that Mildred gave him constantly and it was probably attributed to the 60,000 miles he put on her each year.  It turns out that Larry Miller Ford Dealership (Salt Lake City) has named all their shuttles. The name has been the same for what sounded like generations.  He also told me that one of the dealership's regular service customer's name is also Mildred.
I had no idea that name was so popular in society among cars and women. I don't have a middle name, perhaps I should go to the courthouse and change it. How does Michelle Mildred sound?

It's not Mildred but you get the picture. She was a great hostess.

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