Polynesian California Girls

It's been a long time, finally I found something worthy of a good blog.
Next to my cubicle, an 8 month pregnant Ana was telling me about this great Samoan festival in West Valley last week.  In my high school, there was a large population of Samoan and Tongan students. I love the culture a lot and some of my really good friends are Samoan and Tongan.  The food is great and I admit that I find a good solid Poly pretty attractive.
So I went to the annual Samoan Flag Day Festival in West Valley with my roommate. Now, I have felt the minority before, but this time multiplied my feelings of minority to a large degree.
It seemed as though every Polynesian family in Utah traveled there on Friday night, thousands and thousands.  It was a sea of beautiful tanned arms and bright brown eyes.  My roommate is really blonde and I am whiter than a wedding dress.  We stood out so much, there was no need for a spotlight or anything to get noticed. 
The night was a talent night, featuring dancing skills to West Side Story, lovely traditional dances and I discovered my new favorite youtube feature/talent: the Rose Park Drill Team.  It was epic, I could never top the grace and beauty that these incredibly talented Tongan men had.  I want to share it with the world.  Here is the exact performance I witnessed via Youtube.

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