Falling for my view

Fall is my favorite time of year. Halloween, pumpkins, acceptable temperatures and slightly cloudy days. My favorite part of fall is the leaves changing. I usually take time to hit up the mountains for a little stroll through the fallen leaves. The feel of the crunching leaves beneath my feet and the cold through my sweater. This year, that sounds pretty awkward and I can't seem to find time during the day. I looked out the window today and was super surprised to see this gorgeous view. Almost every changing leaf color in one solid view. I hope my heaven has fall leaves out every window with reds, oranges, fading green and yellow. Where the wind drifts the leaves, but never rests them on the ground. The heaven will have some leaves already on the ground that never grow soggy or rot, that crunching noise forever retained and echoed outside my window. There's something so soothing about fall.

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