Domestic is the holiday game

When did I cross the thresh-hold to adulthood? Some would say at the age of 18, with the freedom of moving out, college and voting.  My parents would say when I turned 20 and landed a "real" job and purchased a car.  A few choice friends of mine would suggest 21, when you can enter ritzy clubs and purchase anything off the menu. 
I say nay; the day of adulthood started this month. When my Christmas list contains more practical and domestic things than anything else on the list. To show you in detail. This is my Christmas list condensed to the things I want the most.

-rolling pin
-measuring spoons
-IKEA pillow
-fitted sheet (for my pillow top--on both sides)
-Shade's Children
-large flat frying pan (I'm not even sure about the proper name)

So there it is. My domestic Christmas dreams. In a cute little list that is a demonstration of growing up.

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  1. aww, my sis is growing up. It does sound so domestic, I hope you are making cookies.love ya