The Culprit

The other day I was minding my own business in the kitchen. I was making a delicious ham and cheese sandwich when I glanced out the kitchen window and noticed this.
Just above the chair on the left...a gnome, wearing a red pointy hat and pointing away from the apartment with a carrot like nose.
Normally, this sight of small porceline creechers would not worry me...until three of my neighbors moved out.  The first was the one directly across the sidewalk from the gnome.  Another upstairs across the sidewalk and recently the apartment right next to the strange gnome household. 
What does this small midget hold in it's eyes?  Perhaps the glares are like Superman or Cyclops from X-Men and he will strike at any moment with lazer beams.  Or maybe at night he awakens in the darkness and slips into apartments, striking fear into the tenants sleepy eyes.  What if the gnome isn't a gnome at all, but a camera to spy on people for the murderous tenants who owns him?
This gnome is clearly becoming a problem here at the apartments of Fox Point at Old Farm. I shall be careful where I tread, maybe ducking when I pass the apartment (just to be safe).


  1. Maybe he really is a gnome. And he's planning his next move - you are next target. Strike against him first while you have the chance!

    I hate gnomes. Always will.

  2. Gnomes are wonderful and beautiful and maligned in public media. My wife was poisoned to them by a "Goosebumps" book. Deliberate disinformation campaign for a noble and gentle creature.