Beatles Serenade

High school was a funny time for me. I was an awkward teenager and I had no idea who I was or who I wanted to be.
Junior year was especially strenuous with all of my classes and extracurricular activities.
My Spanish II teacher, Mr. Cabanillas, made my days interesting. He had many names among my fellow classmates, the most common nickname was "Cabi".
He was one of my favorite teachers, consistently threatening (in a teasing way) to do drive-byes or make us into burritos if we didn't do our assignment. He was actually from Mexico and one day we had an entire lesson about why Mexico and Spanish was going to be part of America by 2012 or something.
My favorite memory with Cabi was the day he sang to me in the hall. With his thick spanish accent he sang "Michelle" by the Beatles. 
It wasn't the first time this song has been sung to me, but it is the first time someone sang the French inspired song to me with a Spanish accent. It was surreal.  The memory still makes me laugh.

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