As you can see, it's one o'clock in the morning. I'm up and typing blogs. This blog is my funny story blog. My current situations are not funny right now at all.
Work is always interesting in a call-center environment. I'm not actually on the phones but I see so many people come in and out. I meet so many "interesting" people.  The kind of people you could only meet at a call-center: men with green hair and large ear gauges, women with twitches, greasy hair, and probably holes in their arms, old desperate people that break my heart and young people who think they have the world at their fngertips and that Census will change the world.
In my area, working quality, I interact with people more to my liking.  I have attracted an interesting group of friends and people Two married men (one with two adorable kids); a little bit of a "grossie" who is more interested in me than I will ever be, a tall guy in HR who I was crushing on until he got a girlfriend, and a 7 month pregnant Polynesian woman. These people are so fantastic and the conversations we have could change the world, or at least solve world hunger. So there's my amusing, shout-out to my co-workers.

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