Crashing rental cars

They say when you come close to dying that your life flashes before your eyes. Maybe I wasn't close to death, but my new pet goose egg on the side of my head looks more like evidence of survival than coincidence. Only minutea before, i lay across the back seat, trying to catch sleep from the night before. I lazily slid my feet behind the driver, whining. The light was green, we drove through and got t-bones by a blonde girl in pinstripe black business pants. My first thought as I saw her heading to my window was, "she is going to stop, right?" impact was quick and like the worst part of a roller coaster, when you rock back and forth grinding heavily to a stop. My next thought, "these Air bags suck" as I rolled up the car door and smacking the window first before they popped out.--a little late.
My phone has been dead all day and I can't find a charger. Right now my fellow travelers are talking to family and/or friends. Im sitting outside, wwondering if we will make it back to Utah. I'm wondering if that would be a bad thing. My ok would miss me, but am I accomplishing anything. I'm scared and I am tired of taking so much responsibility. We see mark tomorrow and I'm so stoked to see my little brother. I just wish he was here now because I know that he would tell me not to worry, and mean it. It's almost like that scene from the car. Where I'm scared the air bags won't go off. Mark is an airbag; he takes me in my weak fear and tells it's ok to be scared, but I shouldn't be scared cause he is there to save my shattering skull. Like our transport, mark is just a rental. He won't be there to remind me of strength forever

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