Sell me your car, Logan

I've been in the market for a new car for a couple of weeks now.  I hate looking for cars and I am so over this frustration and irritation. With each salesman, I want to grab each of them and throw them into oncoming traffic. Do you think they could still try and sell me a car older than mine and with more mileage with their heads caved in?
Today pretty much topped my least favorite days on my quest for a car that is worth it. I have a friend who has some serious connections in Logan.  We went up there today and I brought a little hope with me.
The test driving experience was less than golden. The first car I test drove was a Scion XD. It's not my dream car nor is it anything that I could ever "love" or learn to love. It was a good drive though and I enjoyed myself until we hit the train tracks.  I paused the car at the first stop sign before the train tracks and as I was moving forward the car stopped half way on the train tracks
My friend, Takara, looks over at me, "Go, Michelle..."  I press my foot all the way to floor on the gas and it doesn't move.  The salesman suggests turning the car off and then back on- the car still doesn't start. We ran out of gas on my first test drive in the middle of a train track.
After a half hour wait and realizing this car is not agreeing with me, we are back at the dealership.  The next test drive is for a newer Camry.  After getting into the car, the engine doesn't turn over and lights are out--the battery is dead.
My frustration and exhaustion grows. My life is epic and maybe I'm not meant to be happily driving a new car..Maybe my car, "Henry-Peter", is my curse. Too bad I don't remember what I did so badly in my last life to deserve this.


  1. Go to Transwest in Lehi. They sell salvage tittle cars for decent price. We love our car and have had not problems with it whatsoever. They really know what they are doing at Transwest.

    Here is their site:

    I kind of sound like a salesperson, but honestly they give you a really good deal.

  2. Thanks for the tip Ros! I'll definitely check them out.