Two favorites to save a bad day

Although today was a pretty big drag (failing a test and still being jobless); two things saved this day from a complete loss.

#1 "Walk Away" by Ben Harper--
This song is so amazing. it puts "the happy in my ness". His voice and the lyrics match so well.

#2 Casablanca--I don't love this movie for the chick-flick factor (which I dislike very much). My favorite part about the movie is the way the music molds the movie into more than a motion picture. It molds it into such a magnificent artistic creation. The contrast in the colors and they way the mood lighting hits Ingrid Bergman displays such a magical feeling and sparks my imagination. It's like tasting a fruit for the first time. The color is nice but then bam, the taste mixes with the color in your brain.

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