Discovery Channel's faded cami

Their camouflage glows a dull green in night vision cameras.  Different men from different states have clear eyes when they talk about the training.  Their eyes don't show any pain or fear, but vomit still sticks to their lips and their muscles shake with fatigue.  SFC. Wilson nods his square shaped nose to the pool as a fellow squad member voluntarily removes himself from the program.
The instructors show both sides to the camera. Their tattoos stick out underneath dark labeled shirts while they talk about the squad with frustration and expectation.
I'm talking military here: Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy, you know them all. My little brother joined the Marine Corp. last year and it sparked my interest in the military and the men and women behind the camouflage and straight laced uniforms. Discovery Channel opens minds to the training and the people behind the forces protecting our country. "Surviving the Cut" rocks my socks and delivers hope in the strength and power of the United States. This show made my day and will every week. Thank you military!

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