Evening Adventures

African tundras with spotted giraffes and gorillas swinging through the vines are very adventurous sights.
I'm not likely to witness any of those things and when I feel an adventure coming; it's best not to fight it. Adventurous feelings create a slight problem due to my wonderful evening work schedule. There's not a lot to do at 11pm at night and it's really the only time I have to spend with Dave.

My favorite chalk drawing that pointed me out
So when these "urges" hit, I don't think of petting a wild animal or running through a forest when I feel adventurous. I think of sidewalk chalk and balloons.
The first night we attacked Derrick's house with sidewalk chalk. We tagged it with Gumby, superheroes, a robot Santa and complaints about the lack of Diet Coke with Lime.  We even left the chalk so Nathan could color too.  Christine called the next day with a long awkward pause, "Dd you by chance chalk up my driveway last night? There's a giant bat-symbol on the driveway and I thought of you."

As you can see at Dennis' there was some serious rain and it was freezing! 
  Dennis & Tina was clearly next, despite the long Tooele drive.  It doesn't matter if the drive was only ten minutes, Tooele is a long and awful drive.  We had every intention of stuffing the doorway with balloons so when the door was opened all of the balloons would fall inside (like an awesome party).  The weather disagreed and a freezing bitter windblown rain started up, preventing anything from sticking. So instead, I spiced up the stairway with some balloonage. 

It was pretty cool to do it anonymously but in the end both parties figured out the instigator. Derrick and Christine by the giant bat-symbol and Dennis and Tina by watching my out the window (I can't believe I missed that). 
:) Best part: hanging out with Dave-a-roo, doing random things at midnight that make no sense.

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