I Survived a Horror Movie

 I say that I am both cursed and lucky for my ability to recall my dreams. Today, I say unlucky. I was part of a real life horror movie.  Dave and I were on a cross-country Greyhound bus, headed for Oklahoma for a family party. Word traveled through the bus that the stretch of road had a string of murders from a transient serial killer.
He killed his victims by tying them to a fence, ripping the back of the shirt open and attaching car starting cables to their back and a car battery.  He also had a habit of dressing their fronts in priest-like robes.
When Dave told me in his sarcastic voice, I laughed. There was no way this was going to happen to us, we were on a very safe and newer bus.
Just like in a horror movie, right after I said that the bus broke down.  Images flash as we walk in the snow, looking at the empty fields and lines of fences.  I can see passengers of the bus in front of me and behind me but pretty quickly they spread out by walking pace.  Then I noticed some of the passengers popping up in the distance on fences with the cables pinching their backs and shoulder blades.
I looked at Dave sideways and caught his blue eyes.  I knew that in horror movie only one person typically survives. I tried to tell him this time we would both survive, but I knew Dave was going to be next on the cable killer's list.
We kept walking, stopping at a cute, abandoned house. I tried not to think of the owners potentially tied with wire to a fence.  We started out in big rooms in the house, but I knew the killer was looking in the windows at us. I caught the shadows in the shiny window surface three times before we head into the master closet. 
Dave wasn't scared, he just hugged me for a minute before I told him I had to handle this take the reins "Halloween" style.  I picked up an old, wooden bat and walked out with weak resolve. 
The killer was standing in the doorway with the only light behind him, his whole body and face just one big black shape. That's the point where I woke up, with an image of Dave hanging on a fence with cables attached to his back and an electric shock in my blood.


  1. YEAH... That's weird... and scary. :)

  2. Wow. Freaky. What kind of movies are you watching before you go to bed... :[