C is for Christmas...and Christmas Specials

When I was a kid Christmas wasn't about presents or even Jesus (don't tell my mom). Christmas was all about the awesome Christmas specials.
Over the years, my parents and siblings recorded a plethora of Christmas specials.  I used to sit in front of the television with my little brother, watching the old feedback speckled shows. Here's my top five Christmas specials/shows.

1. Claymation Christmas Celebration:  There is nothing better than the magical California Raisins singing while an orange a blue dinosaur direct the special.

2. Garfield Christmas Special:  I used to love this heavy sarcastic feline from my childhood. The image of Garfield and Grandma rocking next to a fire reminds me of my family and Christmas before it got so complicated.

3. The story of Santa Claus:  Love the music and animation. The little singing elf is still captivating. I'm very sad the clips I've found are such a sad quality.

4.The Bears Who Saved Christmas: This movie wasn't my favorite, but for a few years it was the only one I could find...and the bears are so cute!

5. The Twelve Days of Christmas:  It's so tender and puts the song into a next context. I love it. And I'm sure not many people remember it.

6. Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer:  How could any child born since 1964 forget this magical stop motion Christmas special. "I want to be a dentist".

7. A Charlie Brown Christmas: This Christmas movie gets a bad reputation sometimes but I still love it.  Poor Charlie Brown; it's a good thing Linus saves the day by reminding everyone about the real magic behind Christmas.

8.  How the Grinch Stole Christmas:  Nothing is better or more classic than the cartoon version of this wonderful story.  The animation and colors are pure genius. I love the Grinch. :)

9. Frosty the Snowman:  I love that cuddly snowman.

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