Today's Funny List

Today has been a great day so far.  Dave looked at two great houses and we put some offers out there. I had a work Christmas party where everyone fawned over our cute baby girl.
The best part of today was yet to come.
While driving into Salt Lake on the 201 freeway, I noticed something was amiss on the electric signs (the ones that indicate how long travel time is via I-15 or 2-15).  It read like this:
I-15                              $15
2-15                              $&15
I didn't realize traveling by freeway would be so expensive!  15 dollars! Guess I'll be taking side roads from now on.  Obviously, the system was being a little funny.
Just moments ago I sat down to check my email...or more like filter out all of the garbage and the very first email I see is for SeniorPeopleMeet titled "Meet Like-Minded Singles Over 50"...I'm pretty sure I'm not that old. In fact, I'm not even half that old yet.

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