My Favorite Luncheon

My lovely niece inspired me this week with an interesting thought. If I were to have lunch with any three people (living or dead) who would be there.
Charming and Hilarity
1. Craig Ferguson: If you read this blog at all; you aren't surprised by this answer. His sense of humor and his ideas are fantastic. He would be both entertaining and intelligent. In short he is a huge inspiration and I would love to laugh and learn from him.

I mean look at him...
2.  Abraham Lincoln:  He's an old-fashioned hot hunk of man. He furthered the Emancipation Proclamation and essentially brought the North and South together at the end of the Civil War. Lincoln would be the ultimate lunch-date. I would love to pick his brain and learn all about him.

gavel of justice in bat form
Bob Kane...in his pimp-like glory
3. Batman: I didn't get an exact rule list for this lunch, but if Abraham Lincoln can make it, I'm sure Batman could find a way to make it..even if it's through his creator's mind (Bob Kane). Batman produces justice out of thin air and a bat suit. He takes fears and makes them into something productive for others and the city of Gotham. Can't go wrong with my own personal "gavel of justice".

In short, my lunch would be epic. One side of me Bob Kane/Batman talking of justice and beating the snot out of people, Craig Ferguson on my left making jokes and talking about drugs and homosexuality. Finally, good ol Lincoln trying to settle everyone down and unite us in conversation. Sounds like the best ever. Anyone know if we can make this happen...anyone?

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