Sarcastic Pediatrician

My daughter's pediatrician is not sarcastic, nor does he mean to be funny. Sometimes he is hilarious...but not until three hours later.
Earlier this week I took the little spud to see him with a rough mucus cough.(I don't keep track of age cutoffs and I want to make sure she's old enough to just get over it or if we need medication).
After an hour wait (with an appointment) we get a quick weight check: 14.75 lbs!  He comes in in his usual brown sketchers, corduroy pants and green matte button up and checks all the usual stuff. He tells me to watch her breathing and how the cough sounds--hoping to stay RSV free.
As a last adding before he sends us on our way he says, "So liquids and rest".  Hours later I think back on his statement...I have a baby...not a toddler....a baby...  She really only does liquids. Even her beginners cereal is still in a fairly liquid form. I couldn't help turning to my baby, "Cameron, I'm sorry. Doctor says no more steak and broccoli." 
Cameron looked at me and coughed thickly at me in protest. Liquids only, sorry kid.

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  1. Pediatricians are expected to be kid-friendly, and it would be better if they are playful and a bit comedic. My advice is just do whatever your pediatrician says. I feel sorry for Cameron though, LOL.