Strolling in Batman Land

I'm a huge Batman fan. I use Batman references as often as possible.
I'm also a hoarder and I'm trying to break this habit by going through a filing cabinet I've had since I was ten. The grey rusted thing always squeals when you pull the drawers with a pitch higher than a velociraptor from Jurassic Park. When you look at it, the cabinet looks slumped over and lonely, standing tall even in the biggest pile of storage.
I've found treasures in this slumpy cabinet: journals, drawings I did through the years, books I loved and literature I created and still find a certain emotional attachment in their writings. I also find pieces of Batman paraphernalia.
I used to work for a legal documentation facility, where I helped input data for forms. On my team, when we were ahead of our quota, we would offer to help out others. If you did, you sent an email to the supervisor documenting which ones you were taking.
I was so proud of my creative approaches in these emails. I kept the best one through the years. It's time to toss but I want to preserve my Batman email:

 In my quest to fight crime in Gotham and help the good of the people, I heard a cry from afar. Young Jessica {coworker}, a maiden in distress, was in need of a hero. I, myself, being Batman's woman, am a hero. So I heroically removed the following weights from her sickly back:  {named documents}.  Next time, if you find yourself in danger, just look to me and shine that symbol on the cubicle wall.

I wish I had more opportunities for sharing the Batman love more often in my current job, or my creativity. Thank this blog for allowing me my small attempts to preserve some level of creativity.


  1. Oh Michelle, Thank you for being that HERO and removing those pesky weights from my sickly back! This brought back some memories. Good times. Keep your head up. Jessica

  2. Oh Jessica! I wish I could like your comment! Come on Blogger, let me "like" comments!