Adult Games

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately.  I aspire to be a great blogger. I have so many great stories jumbled in my brain and sometimes I wish I could string them out like everyone else.  Today I'm following a letter prompt: S.
Letter S huh? In my head I went through 12 words before I landed on "sister". Sorry, Lara, this one's for you.
I have one lovely sister. From childhood she prefers to think of herself as glamorous. The picture albums my mom has around the house feature her in dance leotards, excessive stage makeup and awkward costumes for theater performances (she never played the ugly old witches).
Today she attempts to keep herself neat, but her life is consumed by games.  Before she moved we always played games as a family where silly, embarrassing nicknames became your calling card while you played your minerals in Catan.  Now it's all sports with her three boys playing two or three sports at a time in Ohio. Ohio is an odd place where you aren't anything if you don't love the "Cincinnati Reds" and the "Bengals.
Last summer Dave and I made a trip out there with my tax return for my niece's graduation and to introduce Dave to the Bingham brood and their games.
Our first night there, Lara says to the kids, "Help us clean off the table so we can play adult games."
My husband is often a 14 year old boy when it comes to phrasing things; "Adult games already, Lara? I'm not sure that's a good idea, I just met you and Michelle is your sister. That's kind of like inbreeding isn't it?"
We laughed pretty hard because of how prim and proper my sister tries to be. She loses her marbles every time I say "boobs", which I try to throw in at least three or four times when we go shopping and is proud that her husband, Greg, is only the second man she's ever kissed. 
She wanted to play adult games on the table with my husband and I. We still tease her a little for that one.
Me and the sister;  I love her!

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  1. I don't think of my childhood as glamorous. That was a blast when you came out. still makes me laugh. love ya