We put the Real in Realationship

Dave and I are an interesting couple and we're real....really awkward and hilarious.
Every girl has some super cheesy story about their relationship and how they met, dated and married their husband. I am no exception, except there isn't a lot of cheese in these stories...besides Dave's one-liners that I will leave out to keep you from rolling your eyes at this blog.
First Met:  I graduated the summer before we met in 2010 and like every other college graduate out there I had a difficult time in the fight for employment. Dave had his own struggle for employment after leaving a job he'd been with for a while. We both gave up on the search and said, "Fine, customer service, swallow our souls."  So we ended up in the same training class at Verizon Wireless.

My first impression was, "Dang this guy is smug." Dave's impression was, "She likes No Country for Old Men, I must date her!" (This is my story)
Dave was fun to talk to and our instructors definitely noticed that we liked to talk; so we sat across the room from each other the full eight weeks. Across the room was not far enough to them, we still managed to drive them crazy with our sarcastic banter.
After we transitioned to taking calls, Dave and I started doing lunch every weekend until I got a new job. My last day at Verizon Wireless Dave asked me out for real.
First Date: Sushi, frozen yogurt and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I. He was even smug on the first date. I was impressed with the stories of his trip to China, the price of the sushi AND frozen yogurt on the first date. *Previous boyfriend did a lot of free dates (not that I hate free dates, just not used to a boy spending money).*  I even offered to pay part of the meal. Dave's motives were unclear and I was a little hazy on "hang out" vs. "date. Harry Potter was probably the best: he took the cue and scratched my back. I think he had my heart that moment.

First Official Boyfriend Status: I can't remember the exact moment in fact. I think it may have been in passing like, "You're my girlfriend/boyfriend, right?"
First Kiss and First I Love You: This depends on who you ask.  I was fairly torn about our relationship from the very beginning. I spent my life learning how these things are supposed to go and how the man is supposed to be. Dave was everything and yet different than what I was taught. Yet despite this, I knew dating him was right. I was trying to end it before it got too complicated.
I was crying on the couch and he says he is falling in love with me and kisses me. *Not exactly, "I love you" but it's same diff*.  It was like the movies, ultra cheesy and totally not my style--but it was perfect. Too bad I kept fighting the rightness of "us" for a long couple of weeks.
After finally opening my eyes and realizing that what God has in store for me is different. That Dave is right for me--Cameron happened, which created a huge scary relationship wall.  
Wait, I'm losing focus! This is the basics not our life story!
Proposal: Three words sum up the night of the proposal: vomit, birthday and ring. It was Dave's birthday and I was excited for my gift: The Wire: The Complete Series on DVD. I was was pregnant *get over it everyone* and sometimes at night I felt a little sick. *Dave's toilet got an almost daily cleaning thanks to Cam-a-roo.* I joked that he better not propose to me right after I puked....and he did.
We threw the wedding together in two and a half months.
I married my best friend. We didn't have a typical Utah relationship: meet at awkward single adult hang out, exchange texts, commence in dating, flash a bling ring, spend three or four months planning a cliche' reception, spend the whole day stressing about the wedding night, honeymoon on a beach or Disneyland, be friends for years and introduce spawn to the world. I like to think we got our real relationship challenges out of the way early on. Now we share our relationship and it's still the same but different. Dave is still smug about his random bits of knowledge; we still play video games *sometimes while holding Cameron* and we still enjoy a sarcastic jibe. Some days it feels like we did everything backwards, but in a cheesy way to sum up this post; it is a "real" relationship to us. 

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  1. Yes, very real, I am so glad you found a guy perfect for you. love ya