Orange on a Toothpick

"It's like an orange on a toothpick."
I may need to get used to hearing and utilizing the whole scene from So I Married An Axe Murder  regarding the size of Charlie's brother's head. My baby has a giant head.
Two magical stories.
Last Friday we had her six month checkup.  The doctor mentioned her growing right where she should be 60 percentile length and 50 percentile height.  Then she shows me the chart about head growth and the line is so steep it could almost be a straight vertical line; that is to say above 90 percentile. In fact, the doctor wanted to have Cameron come back in just to check her head out in a month and a half instead of wait for the 9 month appointment.
At church on Sunday Dave and I were observing an especially expressive baby, crawling and walking with help of the chairs (knowing developmental facts, somewhere around 9-12 months old.  Dave leans over to me, "Cameron's head is bigger than his."  It's a true statement. My kid has a gigantic noggin and maybe it will have it's own zipcode.  Thank you television for giving me a string of insults my child may hear in the future so I can teach her to laugh.

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