The challenges create blessings

A long time ago my older brother gave me the best advice of my life, "If you are doing everything you can, you will not be denied any of the blessings/promises."
I shared this thought at church the other day-not really seeing it and saying it more as a reminder and comforting statement.
I'm beginning to see it.
Cameron, my hardest baby and the most stubborn kid in the world. Her firm attitude is not just for what she wants to do, eat or sit. Since her first day in nursery, she has loved church. She practically counts down the days each week. Every week that I've struggled, she is there with those bright eyes asking me if we were going to church. 
When I feel alone in my choices and desires, she's been there to carry my resolve and push me.
I've tried to introduce more of the gospel in our home and there is no resistance from Cami. She embraces it as though these principles have always been there. 
She was once my biggest challenge, the biggest fight-and now she's my blessing. 

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