Dreaming is gross spiders stuck on me

There is a disease that strikes everyone once in a while. When it strikes my mom, she will sit up for the majority of the darkened night turning pages in a book.  My dad reacts differently, throwing himself into projects for days or weeks at a time. 
This nasty disease has struck me a few times this year.  It has struck again, stress has turned me into a dreaming fool. I dream more than ever these days and every morning I wake up with emotion and energy remaining. 
Right now I have one stuck in my head from a few days ago (it's a little tragic that so much of my internal memories are being consumed by dreams-not knowledge, school or books).  I can't get it out of my head.
The whole dream happens in my bedroom. I'm stuck in my room, like a jail cell.  There are spiders beginning to crawl everywhere.  My cell-mate is fully aware of the spiders and tells me it's like an introductory session for prison.
I look at the spiders closely, without fear, to see if any of the spiders are dangerous to me.  The spiders are in all shapes and sizes but one, in the corner by my door-strikes my interest.  It's a light brown color with a huge abdomen and my cell-mate points out that it is looking for a place to set it's nest of eggs down. So I move away from the spider and settle on my bed, frustrated and disliking the situation so much.  I sit up and the spider is gone from the corner.
"Where did it go?"
"I think I saw it on the floor by your foot a minute ago." My cell-mate says calmly, filing her nails.
Freaking out, it's almost like I knew it was coming.  I start shaking my foot and attached to the top of my foot by my toes is a pulsing egg sack from the spider.
Shaking and stuff does nothing. I don't know what to do. My cell-mate laughs and walks away mumbling that she doesn't know how to get it off.  I just kept trying to scrape it off without breaking the eggs because I knew if it broke off, the eggs would hatch and the spiders would eat me.
So I just looked up the key parts and it's a little alarming. I'm so not writing it on this blog.

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