Barking babies

Babies are funny creatures. Although I don't mind babies very much, the under 2 year old population's general is unfavorable towards Michelle.
My own nieces and nephews used to burst into tears while I wrapped them in my arms.  Nothing is more wonderful than holding a blue-eyed, chubby, dimpled baby.  Those little babies will look up at me with wide eyes, wrinkle their cheeks just a bit and cry like I've just stabbed them with hundreds of needles.
Last night, after a rough day, I headed to my personal bar-like place, "7-Eleven".  I headed out into the dark humid heat for my icy diet Coke beverage (preferably with some Lime-age).
The walk favored a few neighbors as well.  A group of friends and a young couple pushing a child in a stroller. A strange noise issued from the stroller and I thought I heard the baby talking or something. How cute....
I was pretty excited to see the child leaning out of the stroller to look at me. 
The kid was not crying, but talking to me...how cute. So I listened carefully, to hear what the kid was saying. As I leaned in, I found out the baby wasn't crying or speaking to me--the baby was barking.
Barking, as in a small dog sound, not the fake "woof" or "bark"; the baby was legitimately barking at me. It's pretty bad when a baby cries in your face, or even when a baby kicks you, but this was a completely different playing field.
So here's to you, little baby in a stroller, introducing me to a completely new level of shame.

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