Falling to Idaho

Marcus in the morning is my favorite DJ in the world (94.9 ZRock).  He is a hot, hilarious ball of delightful giggles.  He hooked me up with a trip to Idaho with his promotions director, Bonnie and him last Thursday, a quick trip up and back. I love them so much! We went up to see some fantastic bands: Royal Bliss, Warrant and Cinderella.

Marcus and I...see how hot he is and awkward I am
The story occurred before we even left Utah.  We stopped at this ghetto little Maverick to juice up for the journey.The cashier had the best hair ever, you could see where the bump-it ended and her hair started. Fantastic...I love Utah.It is so awkward...we had to document it

Just look at it, it's like a growth off her head,
Bonnie can't even look at her it's so ridiculous

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