Wild Cow Milking

I haven't updated the blog in forever! Life has been pretty interesting and I have been trying to keep a mental list of all my potential blogs. For this one I want to step back to July 23, 2010. My best friend, Brandon, is an interesting man (single btw ladies). Brandon likes country and metal music, clubs, scary movies, drives a big fat truck, and loves Taco Bell. He's fantastic and the best (not blood) brother I know.
 He invited me to go on this double date thing with his brother and his brother's "friend" (who didn't end up going) to the Days of 47 Rodeo 2010. I have never been to a rodeo. I don't feel the need, but I love Brandon and I haven't seen him or hung out with him in a really long time.
It was epic. Epic--as in "tight Wrangler jeans, big hats and cut-off plaid shirts epic".
I laughed, I cried inside and fully enjoyed myself. I thought I would share some moments with youl
First of all, the Army brought the flag down from the ceiling for the Pledge of Allegience (which I haven't said since the sixth grade). Men in uniform, coming down from the cieling....epic.
 First event...the classic bronco....fantastic pic right?

At some point, this guy fell off the horse and hit his head. Brandon and I counted people standing around him....that's 12 people, not counting the two paramedics...lol...lots of love...He ended up being the only one to go to the hospital (for "precautionary" measures). Sure, I go to the hospital all the time when I want to take precautions....or have a serious head inury.

 Loved this too...the bull...Whooo! Talk about intense, through this whole event I was on the edge of my seat.
I don't have a picture of my favorite event. I was laughing so hard, it definitely wasn't possible to get anything stable. Wild cow milking is epic.   Two guys, one on a horse and one running. The horse guy lassos a wild horse, while the one running tries to milk it into a cup....It is hilarious and apparently very difficult.  Loved it!
So I definitely see more rodeos in my future.
On our way out to the car we were also graced with a loaf of bread.  Nothing says, "Thank you, pioneer ancestors" than a free loaf of bread.

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