Timp's Midnight Madness

Last Friday I made a decision, probably one of the worst decisions of my life: Timpanogas midnight hike. It's a life goal that I should have erased instead of completed...Four hours of the most treacherous terrain. Maybe I exaggerate a little. The hike itself wasn't that bad, but my lung power hated it. When we got to the top, it was 37 degrees and my little jacket did not help. We had an hour and a helf until sunrise and I didn't think I would make it. Worst decision ever.

Cold enough for a space blanket, says Tiffany
While everyone went to the real summit; Tiffany, Takara and I stayed behind. The higher they went, the more wind and the coler it would be. So Liz busted out a blanket for use while we waited, a space blanket. That's right, we even had a space blanket and we were still freezing.

Takara and I trying to pretend like this is fun and worth it

The view in the daylight

 Magical Sunrise

I sat upon the mountain and I thought, "Check, life goal completed." So was this sunrise worth it? I have seen many a sunrise in my day. Girls Camp, family vacations and quests for shooting stars have granted me this opportunity more than once a year. Utah mountains are something special to me. They are so strong and seem to be standing guard at all times. This hike was perilous and the sight was gorgeous, but I can see this lovely sight any place in Utah- the mountains are everywhere. 
So next time count me out of the Timpanogas hike, I'll take the elevator, thanks.

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