Santa Stalks Me in Minivans: California #1

11:30 p.m. I drove in from almost five days on a seventh circle of heaven: California. The trip was truly epic and I have so many great stories! Instead of lumping them all in one post no one will read. I am going to drag them out for you....or maybe just to give me something to do.
So I launch into California Story #1
Day 2 I slept in and I had a dinner date. My time was limited. 
Kristi and I hit up Hollywood for a little "ghetto time". Hollywood, itself, will take up several stories.
I parked the car far far away from Vine Street because I failed to remember the most important traveler item: cash.  It took nearly a hour round trip to Vine Street, but we were troopers and it was just something to pass the time anyway. While walking back past a studio, we found Santa.
Little did you know Santa spends February in 80 degree Hollywood, California and drives a minivan. Lesson learned, watch out for those minivans, Santa may be watching from inside...
Funny story, this is not the first time I encountered a Santa in a minivan. Two Christmas ago, the immediate fam (parents, little brother and me) were driving back home and in the lane next to us was a minivan and Santa was seating in the passenger seat. Mark thought it would be funny to wave out my window at him. I didn't wave, but my special little brother did (at 19 years old it was a shocker for me). The man in the minivan turned very slowly to look at my brother and I, and gave a wide slow wave. Creepy....Santa stalks me in minivans.

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