Veteran's Day Comes Late

Yesterday I got to drive the Freedom 570 Hummer H3. Literally, I spent 2 1/2 hoursmoving the different radio station vehicles with Vaughn. I was in a happy place-the Hummer made me happy.
However, upon reaching our final destination at the South Towne Expo Center, I definitely needed a break. You know what kind of break I am talking about. The kind that can't wait.
So I bribe a security guard into letting me in for a quick break in the RV Expo. I hurry down the hallways, ignoring most of the booths featuring fishing poles and tents, but someone interrupted my emergency.
"Ma'am, excuse me are you a veteran?"
What? I flip and see the veteran's table, with two charming old men in full veteran garb seated squarely at their simple square table.
For a second I felt like I was in high school again being recruited for the military. I laughed, thinking it was a joke-"Yes, Yes I am" and hurried on to finish my task while they continued to yell me statistics about veterans.
Later I thought how great it would have been to give a more detailed answer, "Yes, I served in World War I, Vietnam War, Korea, World War II and the Cold War" (The Cold War answer being my favorite part.
So little did I know that I was of age to be a veteran. I should have asked them where I could sign up for their sweet hats.

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