Safe Kids Fair (Free Entry for Everyone) My Top 10 Reasons it will rock

Today I spent nearly five hours of my time preparing for this magical event: Transporting cars, cleaning poster that's bigger than my bedroom, setting up the fantastic booths and setting up all the free stuff. Literally, if you come to this event you will walk away with more than you can carry. I conducted a personal top 10 best things at this fair for you.

Top 10 Reasons Safe Kids Fair Will Be Good For Everyone:
10. Huge mural/coloring posters by a credit union that will likely be covered with crayons, while children try to scrape their name into the board itself. They can leave their mark forever inscribed.
9. Tons of vendors. I got to check out the booths this morning. It's great, so many people are going to be there!
8. For the men and boys in the house, Zero Fatalities has one of more edgy exhibits that will likely be in your mind for a while.
7. Smart Cars: if you care. I personally enjoy making fun of the midget cars.
6. The Today's 106.5 booth is totally going to have the best face painters in town. They can change your children into the demons or Darth Maul that resides deep inside.
5. The booth next door, KNRS (talk radio), is going to have a clown and not one from Stephen King (either way this may discourage or encourage you.
4. Me! I totally will be there 4-7 p.m. Friday and Saturday. I can hook you up in line or something. Some famous people from radio/tv will be there too if you plan the timing right.
3. Entry is 100% free for everyone. Even adults, It's enough to remind you of your childhood, when you could get in free pretty much everywhere.
2. Free Stuff! Ridiculous amounts of it everywhere.
1. Batman will be there in person! He's flying in from the sunny state I want to call my own, California. (I hear his costume weighs more than a 10 year old child).

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