The Bacone, aka Bacon Time Space Continuum Breaker

As my friend Jim Gaffigan would say, "...if you put bits of bacon on a strip of bacon, you could travel in time. It would be a bacon-to-bacon time-space continuum."

Well Jimmy, here's our chance to travel that magical meat time warp: the bacone. Created out of San Francisco and molded by a man with a bright green mohawk and lovely eyes, the bacone is molded to be stuffed with delicious eggs, cheese, gravy and topped with a biscuit.  It is genius.  Someday I want to meet this mohawked man and try his delicious bacone. 

Video Bonuses:
1. Brian Boitano and his crazy, overly flamboyant explanations
2. A green mohawk...not just a mohawk--a spiked mohawk that reminds me of the Statue of Liberty 
3. Bacon with space to actually put more bacon---or breakfast foods if you prefer. 

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