My days have an odd habit of mixing together lately. Evenings spent in the darkened video room with monitors and buttons and my days spent sleeping. It's monotonous, boring and kind of lonely.  If you don't count text messages and a quick 'hello' at work, I don't interact with people. 
I crave attention and some sort of recognition for work and other things I do in life. I'm restless. On nights when I sit in this non-ergonomic chair in front of monitors, I think of dreams and goals. I think of the church and my progression. That's when I feel like life is draining out of me. 
I just rediscovered Pandora Radio online again. Oh glorious Pandora! With my perfect radio station in place: an odd mixture of Pearl Jam, Postal Service and Relient K.  My work becomes more like a dream. 
With my eyes pinched tight and my arms folded loosely in my lap, I imagine I'm somewhere else and the smooth rhythms and steady voices bring me back from my electrical horror, into something more lucid and beautiful.

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