Best Facebook Day Ever

I often peruse Facebook on breaks and lunch...before, after and during work.  Posts were epic today. I haven't laughed at/with Facebook like in probably 160 days or something.  This picture was posted and I had to share both the pic and the comments. I highlighted my favorites.
Needless to say, I have a tattoo appointment with an artist named Butch on Monday.

Meghann: I'm getting this tattooed tomorrow
Shell Tate: can I get one to match? only with like a bunny instead or something?

Jared B:It's ridiculous how things like this actually exists. I can't comprehend it. 

Meghann: Yes, Michelle! Definitely! And Jared- You can't comprehend how beautiful it is?

Jared B: Sure

Meghann: Hahahaha it really is breathtaking. I think I'll call it... A CatiCorn

Jared B: Unipussy

Shell Tate Jared, that's the best comment ever!

Madeline: Tramp stamp? that will def look good.

Meghann:I was thinking that- or maybe on my chest
Haven: are you serious???

Meghann: Only if Michelle does it with me. I've always wanted a mystical creature to grace my body.  HAHAHAHAAAA
Shell Tate lol...I'll meet you there, when was the appt. with Butch (aka the tattoo artist) again?

Kim: Really were at 

Meghann: Maybe like, 6:00? Does that sound good? We gotta prepare up for the awesomeness

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  1. I'm seriously choking over this post... OH MAN. That Caticorn brings so much joy... My favorite part is Haven asking if we were being serious. HAHAHAHAH