2010 Grates

It's been real 2010, a real pain....and some awesome things. I was thinking about my 'greats' of 2010.  Some would quickly point out graduation and working for KSL.  Although walking in the Huntsman Center with my cap and gown was priceless and nothing really prepared me for sitting in front of televisions screens for news; I don't mean those kind of 'greats'.  "Grates", my cool slang term for funny things I am grateful for. Here's my list of awesome 'grate' things in my life from 2010: grateful.

1. Public Transportation: so there never is a shortage of bum/crazy stories or visuals like this guy <--------------

2. I work with exactly 4 women, which means the bathroom is pretty much always clean--much different from when I worked at call centers and shared the bathroom with hundreds of women....smelly/dirty women.

 3. To be a Utah Ute, so I can brag and trash talk all my blue-bleeding BYU "friends" about my boys winning 17 to 16  in 2010.

 4. For my marine brother who calls me while driving to go to dinner and often gets distracted instead, sometimes with road rage....and a long slew of curse words.

5. For my cousins, so on Thanksgiving I can build robots with their children instead of having an adult conversation.

 6. My car, Dante, to be the envy of all the town, with all my trashbags and a broken windshield.

7. The word "shenanigans", it always makes me laugh.

 8. A fantastic imagination, so I can always be entertained...even if everyone else doesn't get it.

 9. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, so I can bear sarcasm and weird actual events along inappropriate lines/jokes with laughter galore...that Scottish man never ceases to make me giggle, with a robot skeleton sidekick (Geoff Peterson) and his random puppetry and impressions. I will love him until the day I die.

10. The gym, so I can use my imagination to kick everyone's trash including slimy ex-boyfriends as well as maintain health.

 11. My apartment handles snow removal so I don't have to, including on our "breezeway" in front of our door and next to my window. Too bad they pick the middle of the night to scrape snow and ice. Yes, I heard you crazy shovelers at 3am, 5am and then 8am.  


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