My Batman

Do you remember this?

  I don't think I'll ever forget Saturday mornings with tall, dark and handsome Batman. I can still see "midget Michelle" checking the clock for the time and barreling onto the couch.  
  There was something glittery about the whole combination: my 80's style pajamas, mussed up hair, a soft blanket on the couch and of course the Dark Knight.
  He and I shared something special in those early mornings. The Bat Signal clearly spoke to me across animation circuits and television broadcasting.  Those over-rated commercials about the "Easy Bake Oven" or Barbie Dreamhouse was child-play when I could learning about fighting crime, justice and real heroes.
  While other heroes had their stupid puns (winy Spiderman) or ridiculous powers (mumbling Superman), Batman didn't have the awkward "S" tattooed to his chest nor did he shoot nasty webs out of his wrists. His dark cloak and smirk gave hint to a certain sophistication and class. He used his perfectly normal self (pimped out by some sweet gadgets) and showed villains of Gotham City and everyone else in the world how justice was done--by real people.
  Now that I'm older I see a lot of value in Batman. I wrote an English paper on him and like any true obsessive nerd, I could debate Batman subjects with the best of them. I just got the whole Batman: The Animated Series on DVD and I'm so excited to reacquaint myself with true love--ahem--I mean justice and heroic actions of my childhood.  Here's to Batman--a real hero and not just some fool wearing a bright cape and silly boots. I think I could be Batman....

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